Blue Ribbon Pet Care

Pet Sitting Rates & Fees

Meet and Greet:  Assessment and Interview done in your own home:  No Charge

Visits:   $15.00 per visit

Additional Pets Included in Visit:  No Charge

Holidays Visits:   No charge

Why Choose Blue Ribbon Pet Care

Pet Sitting

*Morning/Midday/Evening Walks also available on an individual basis

 1. We’re professional. We’re fully insured and licensed yet genuine and down to earth.

2. We’re flexible. We’re available all day long, so you can choose a time that works best for you and your pet.

3. We’re reliable. Because of our concentrated service area, your pet can be sure we’ll be there when we say we will -- we’ll never be too far away!

4. WE LOVE Animals! There is nothing more rewarding than to see the smiles of your pets when we stop by for a visit. Although we could never take your place in your pet's eyes, we will strive for perfection in all that we do, every visit, every time.

Meet and Greet--Initial Interview Not only are the services and rates important to make a decision but also the connection or “fit” of the pet sitter, pet and owner. This is a time to discuss credentials, needs of the pet, instructions, keys, contact and vet information, etc.

Pet Sitting Visits Include:

⦁ Morning/Midday/Evening walks*

⦁ Detailed notes about each visit

⦁ Lots of love and Affection

⦁ Additional animals are no extra charge

Additional Services Available Upon Request Include:

⦁ Dispense medications

⦁ Pick up pet supplies (food, etc.)

⦁ Poop scooping

⦁ Mail and newspaper brought in

⦁ Bring in or take out garbage cans

⦁ Alternate lights

⦁ Security checks

⦁ Plant and garden watering

Temperature control for the house