Blue Ribbon Pet Care

 From our personal experience, we have found Angie, owner/operator of Blue Ribbon Pet Care, to be professional and personable on many levels. Our dog Justin has benefitted in several ways from her patient, kind and innovative teaching methods. Justin, our German Shepard, is more sociable with other animals and was trained to aid persons with physical limitations. We couldn't be more pleased that we chose Angie and Blue Ribbon Pet Care! - Joan and Steve Hickman I really feel good about bringing Shelby and Snickers to Blue Ribbon Pet Care.

Angie is the best!!! I feel as though they are well cared for, and someone actually pays attention to them, and doesn't just leave them locked up in a cage all day unattended. Angie is a wonderful groomer! She is very patient with my Shih Tzu, who is pretty wiggly. She has even taught me how to care for his coat in between groomings. Blue Ribbon Pet Care TestimonialI have also used her training and pet-sitting services, and cannot say enough good things about her. I can always count on her being there when she says she will, to let the dogs out when I am not at home and I always return to happy pets! She has even come to my home and helped with my lab mix and taught me a lot of tools to use to help her behave! I highly recommend all of her services and I am so thankful I found her! - Jen

Angie was the most dependable and caring pet sitter that we ever had. We could travel without worry as we knew that our pets were in great hands. Angie loves animals and knows how to look after them. I will highly recommend her to anyone. - Vivek/Laura- Austin, Texas

We found our first dog, Marci, at the Town Lake Animal Shelter. She was a one-year-old Blue Heeler mix. We were told that she had been there for over a month, and despite her beauty, very few people had shown an interest in her. We were drawn to her, but were warned that she had received very low scores for socialization. Nevertheless, we adopted her and we had to teach her many things, as she was very shy and nervous. We thought maybe it would help if she had a friend so we adopted Cooper, a collie mix, who had received better scores and was more socialized than Marci. It did help her and they were good for each other. They were really good-natured dogs, but they had this unbridled energy that made them very difficult to manage. I couldn't take Marci out for a walk by herself. She would pull me and misbehave the entire time. She was in control. Even Cooper would not come when called and would just do what he wanted to do when he wanted to. We would be embarrassed if company came over because they would jump on people and they just wouldn't listen. It was a very frustrating experience for everyone. That's when we heard about Angie Patterson and Blue Ribbon Pet Care.  At first we were leery about the program because we thought our pets really could not be helped. When we first started the training, it was painfully obvious to us how much help our dogs needed. They were both uncomfortable being around the other dogs and they never seemed to get it. But with a lot of hard work, they did get it. What a tremendous difference this training has made. I can now walk these dogs and they obey me. Their behavior in the house is also much better because they understand what they are supposed to be doing and who is in charge. I used to get so angry and frustrated but now I am able to thoroughly enjoy my animals and, amazingly enough, they passed the Good Canine Citizen test. I never would have imagined it possible! - Kate Templeton

Testimonial I knew I needed help when my Rat Terrier “Diesel” starting snarling and snapping at my Chihuahua “Xander”. The two had always been “best buds”, so I was worried when Diesel suddenly became so aggressive. I was scared that Diesel was going to hurt Xander. Neither one of them listened to me anymore. Xander was not fully housetrained, and I didn’t know what else to do about this. Then, they both became impossible to take on walks. It was a continuous struggle between them and me. They barked constantly at strangers, especially young children and other animals. It was stressful and embarrassing. I couldn’t control my 15 lb. and 4 lb. dogs. Something needed to change. Thankfully, I found Angie. She was amazing from the first moment we spoke. She was able to see me right away, which I appreciated because I was so frustrated with what was going on. She met with me and the dogs in the comfort of my own home. She studied our behavior, and assessed what techniques I needed to learn in order to regain control of Diesel and Xander. She was professional and considerate of my needs. Angie came back to my home to work with me in multiple sessions, each time teaching me how to reclaim my long-lost status of “pack leader”. I was ecstatic the day that she brought several dogs of her own to meet with us, and we all walked calmly and assertively down the road. It was a proud moment for me to be able to walk Diesel and Xander with dignity again. No more out of control barking! Due to her expertise and love of animals, I also asked Angie to become Diesel and Xander’s pet sitter. I trust her completely with my dogs. What a relief to have finally found someone that I can depend on to care for them. I could travel whenever I need to now, knowing that they were in good hands. Previously, I had only traveled when I could bring the dogs with me, which was very limiting. I love knowing that I now have the freedom to take a trip whenever I please, because I know that Angie will be there for me. I am so grateful to have found Angie and Blue Ribbon Pet Care! Not only has she proven to be pleasant, proficient, and nurturing, but she has also become a friend that I know will always be there for me. - Kelly

When I received Niles from the Houston Sheltie Sanctuary September 2004, I vowed as any new parent to give my new 'child' every advantage, class, and supply he needed to make his way. As the provider I promised to also take part in these activities on a regular basis. Almost a year later I had yet to make good on these intentions. Then I met Angie - and things changed - - - - for the better. Now before I get too ahead of myself let me tell you a bit about Niles. Niles is a three-year-old sheltie with the cutest face, and fluffiest fur, and most adorable antics. He is generally a quiet dog. Fetches, and sometimes returns the ball, plays soccer, and enjoys the company of other dogs as long as they know who will be herding them. Niles likes kids, and adults of all ages, and plays well with others. On the other hand Niles likes to be the boss, comes when he is called if he feels the need, sits if he wants to, takes me for walks, looks for any chance to go running without the lease, and dislikes being left at home. While these habits were something I disliked I had yet to know if my Niles could benefit from training and would I have the endurance to see it through. Well, as fate would have it I had to go out of town for three days and needed to leave Niles in the care of a pet sitter. Enter Angela. Little did I know that besides watching my beloved sheltie she would also be working with him while I was gone. Upon return from my trip, Niles had a mere two or three small sessions in sitting, and heeling. I was amazed. He actually sat when she said to sit. Well I promptly enrolled Niles and myself in a six-week session. After the first session I was a little discouraged because he was so stubborn. Angela explained that he has had his way for so long that I need to exert myself as the Alpha again and not give in. Niles and I worked for ten to twenty minutes with his every day that week determined to ensure that we would sit and heel. Angela said and besides putting the control back in my hands it would help Niles as well to have me as the Alpha. Taking the stress off of him. To my surprise the next few days of practice got better and we were able to make real progress in sit and heel. He watches me now and we have bonded more over the last few weeks by having the control move more to my hands instead of letting him go where he wants to. Niles is a great dog, he is loving and compassionate. I couldn't ask for a better dog. Having him trained gives us freedom to go places, removes worry of not knowing how he will act in situations. Knowing that with my voice I can protect him. There is not always time to go and get a leash and put on the collar. Angela is a great trainer. Her guidance and training has given Niles and me a stronger bond and a freedom we have never had before. I feel confident that we will only go forward in our training. And whoever said you can't teach an older dog new tricks was wrong. Everyone can grown,you just have to take the opportunity and I am so glad I did. - Elizabeth J. Compton


 I've been going to Blue Ribbon Pet Care for almost a year and I wouldn't go anywhere else! I have 3 dogs. 1 Peek-a-Poo boy, 1 Shih Tzu boy, and a new member to my family....a little Papillon girl. I've taken my dogs to other places before, but I wasn't always happy. One time I took my Peek-a-Poo to a well-known groomer in town and it was good. I loved the way he looked. However, the next time I took him his hair was uneven, his tail was thinned out and my husband was wondering if I took him to a "rookie" groomer. Since I've been taking my dogs to Angie, they always look good. Her work is perfect and always consistant! My husband never complains! She beats any price in town for the one-on-one attention! Having 3 dogs...that's important to me. My dogs aren't just the "next" dog to give a haircut to. She walks them and loves on them just like I would. My dogs run to her door when they see her! She has also been our obedience instructor. She made it fun and comfortable for all of us. Any questions I had...she had the answer! My dogs weren't always the easiest to train...they're spoiled! BUT...she did it and now my Peek-a-Poo doesn't need a leash to walk outside! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO ANGIE! - Joanne Guadalupe (Romeo, Nova, and Mia say THANKS too!) .

I adopted "Guiness" at age 3 from a friends mother. She had too much spunk and energy. She apparently had a hard time being trained and she became skittish and fearful of anyone. My black lab "Bandit" fell in love with her and they have been a couple for 4 years. Being a Scottish Terrier she has to be groomed very regular. I used to take her to several large pet care centers and everytime Guiness would start to shiver and shake when we pulled into the parking lot. She would cry and had to be carried to the back, it broke my heart every time. Then a friend told me about Blue Ribbon. From the beginning Guiness loved Angie and now, when we turn on her street, Guiness gets happy and excited. She has been groomed by Angie now for about a year and we all feel better about getting her pretty. Angie also has done the best job of anyone ever in cutting her coat, my Guiness has never looked better and has never been happier about getting a bath and she always gets a pretty bandana for being a good girl. Angie truly has a gift with animals! - Sue Patterson

From our personal experience, we have found Angie, owner/operator of Blue Ribbon Pet Care, to be professional and personable on many levels. Our dog Justin has benefitted in several ways from her patient, kind and innovative. In the 8 years that I have had her, my long haired German Shepherd has never looked as good as she does when she comes back from being groomed by Angie. Her coat shines and you can tell that she feels so much more comfortable! Angie is so great with all of my animals when she pet sits, too. She keeps in contact with me and leaves detailed report cards of all of her visits. It makes for an incredibly stress free get away! - Kerri Falivene